• Residential Roofing

  • OnPoint Roofing boldly raises the bar in the roofing industry. Using steel shingles, our roofs are guaranteed to last not 15 or 20 years, but a lifetime. You read that right. A lifetime. Never replace your roof again! Metal roofing adds timeless beauty to your home or property and provides a standard of quality you won’t find anywhere else. These roofs are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions including wind, hail, snow and ice.

    Not only are our materials on point, but our licensed and certified roofing specialists are well trained and committed to excellent installation. Based in Mount Vernon, our team is ready to serve the northeast Texas area. We are willing to help you choose colors, styles and finishes. Whether you need installation or repair, let us provide you with a roofing solution you can be confident in. We serve Mt. Vernon + Surrounding areas. 

  • Mt. Vernon Roofing Contractors That Emphasize Quality

    OnPoint Roofing is the home roof replacement company. We replace roofs on all different size homes in the Mt. Vernon area. We are a strong company with the knowledge of installing high quality steel shingle roofs at a fair price. We replace roofs that have been damaged because of hail, storms, and wind. 

    As you begin your research for a roofing contractor, there are several important factors to keep in mind. We want you to be properly prepared and educated before you start. We know that the more you know about our unique steel shingle roofing solutions, the more likely you are to choose OnPoint Roofing for your home. Read more on our website to find out the differences between us and other roofing companies that use asphalt shingles.